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Our Values

Honoring our history

We must preserve and learn from the past. We celebrate our unique stories, successes and struggles, pain, and disappointments. Valuing the intergenerational wisdom our community has means cultivating meaningful connections between generations. We center youth voices and leadership as we continue to grow.

Nourishing Community 

It is vital to create spaces for learning, reflection, and expression through mediums such as cultural/spiritual arts and literary mediums. We build and lift each other up with love, compassion, and empathy. ​​

Commitment to Equity and Justice

Centering the voices and lived experiences of oppressed communities comes first. We must acknowledge the intersections of privilege and oppression. We are committed to fighting against white supremacy through an anti-racist lens.


Leading with Courage and Passion

We embrace differences and lean into discomfort. We celebrate success and acknowledge the wisdom of failure. ​


Modeling Integrity

We move at the speed of trust and consensus. Transparency is a top priority.


Building Power and Solidarity

Our ancestors are always with us. We recognize the interconnectedness of our oppression and the work of those who came before us. We ground our work in the struggles of Indigenous communities.

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