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COVID-19 and Health News

Health Coverage for All Washingtonians

Starting Nov. 1, all Washingtonians, regardless of immigration status, can shop health and dental plans through Washington Healthplanfinder. Learn more about health care options for immigrants.

Enroll by December 15 for your health and dental plans to start January 1, 2024.

Language support is also available!

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Monkeypox Phoneline and Updates

Have any questions related to the Monkeypox Virus (MPV)? People across Washington can now call 1-833-829-HELP to get their questions answered! Language assistance is available in 240 languages. Please see more details about the resource here.

For additional information about the Monkeypox virus, to access frequently asked questions (FAQS) and to keep up to date with case count,  please visit the DOH MPV webpage available in English or Spanish. The webpage will soon be available in Russian, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Somali, Korean, Tagalog, Arabic, Punjabi, Cambodian and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).

The CDC website on Monkeypox also lists ways that it can be spread, signs and symptoms, and what to do if you are sick. Visit the site here.


Getting Our Booster Shots for Better Health

COVID-19 Updates

For the latest information on the available COVID vaccine clinics for Thurston County visit:

For the latest in general mask wearing guidelines visit:

AANHPI language vaccine videos presented by Crossing TV

APIC 2023 COVID-19

Read our informational pamphlet for 

updated information about COVID-19

and how to stay safe!

Oral Therapeutics

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Language Based Covid Resources and Recommendations

As COVID-19 guidance changes, the DOH is actively working to translate updated content into 40 languages (including many AANHPI). 

To access translated versions: 

  • Visit 

  • Locate the brown rectangle in the top right corner of your screen that features the page’s current language and has an arrow indicating a drop-down menu.  

  • Select the arrow and your preferred language from the dropdown menu.  

  • Translated COVID-19 guidance available in the selected language will populate the page. 

The DOH released translated versions of the following documents this week, which are available on the DOH website:  

Language Based COVID Pediatric Vaccine Resources for Parents & Guardians


Resources are available in the following languages:


EnglishSpanishAmharicArabicChineseHmongJapaneseKorean,Lao,SomaliVietnameseHindiNepaliPunjabi, TamilTeluguUrduThai

This is a community generated list of information on COVID Pediatric Vaccines and some general COVID vaccine info. Please note the links are shared by community members and not vetted for translation accuracy, use care in selecting which resources to give to families.

Resources for Our Community

COVID-19 Utility Moratorium

  • The COVID-19 Utility Moratorium ends September 30th. The Department of Commerce has a webpage dedicated to FAQs in 36 different languages to ensure your community has the information they need to call their utilities provider, make a plan and keep their service:

Vaccine-related resources

Testing guidance: Rapid Testing vs. PCR Testing


Like to receive the Department of Health’s newsletters? We encourage you to subscribe at and choose the kind of information you would like to receive.

COVID-19 Impact and Considerations for Asians

Asian American COVID-19 Experience Report by NYU Center for the Study of Asian American Health (CSAAH)

Education, Communication, and Outreach Resources

For Refugees and Immigrant Communities

Hand Sanitizer Distribution

One of our APIC Family, the chapter from the Snohomish APIC, or Refugee and Immigrant Services NW, has coordinated and shared a donation of hand sanitizers with all the chapters around the state to distribute hand sanitizers to our local community organizations, churches, and businesses. APIC SPS was able to distribute more than 600 bottles of hand sanitizers this week! More could be available, but we need to hear from you. If your organization is in the South Sound area and are in need of hand sanitizers for your operations please contact us at Let me know if you may need more information.


Thanks to all of these who already responded and received their supplies. Thank you for sharing the hand sanitizers with the many organizations around this area. You are appreciated! We want to express our sincere appreciation to Mr. Yan and Mr. Hoang for helping us with bringing back the sanitizers from Kent's distribution center to Olympia for this effort. Thank you!

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