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Our Mission

The Asian Pacific Islander Coalition (APIC) is a statewide network of community organizations dedicated to racial and economic justice for all Asians and Pacific Islanders in solidarity with Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities. 

The Asian Pacific Islander Coalition (APIC) was created after the 1996 Welfare Reform Act significantly impacted and reduced non-citizens’ federal eligibility for public assistance programs. After recognizing the need for a collective voice advocating for the rights and equity of foreign-born Asian and Pacific Islanders (API), APIC began lobbying for the Washington State legislature to address the gap created by federal legislation. Building off this legacy, every year APIC Chapters from King, Pierce, Snohomish, Yakima, and Spokane counties and South Puget Sound bring together immigrants, refugees, and citizens from Washington state to meet with the Governor, State Representatives, and State Senators to advocate for the issues most impactful to our communities

Our Co-Chairs

Lin Crowley

Brian Lock

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