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Our Policy Objectives 

This year APIC believes that the following policy agendas will be integral to improving the lives of API communities in Washington State:


Maintain funding for LEP Pathways

The Limited English Proficient (LEP) Pathways’ primary goal is to promote economic self-sufficiency for refugees and immigrants through job training, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, work support, and social services. By maintaining funding for the LEP Pathways program we can better support low-income and limited English speaking immigrants.


Maintain funding for Naturalization Services

Naturalization services help refugees and immigrants, predominantly those who are disabled and elderly, attain citizenship through assistance in completing the USCIS N-400 naturalization application and fee waiver requests, classes in American history and civics, and interview preparation. By maintaining funding for Naturalization services we can better serve immigrants and refugees in our state. 


Ensuring and maintaining COFA healthcare and dental coverage

The Washington State COFA medical program provides essential health and dental care to COFA citizens who have been excluded from accessing federal health benefits. While Congress has recently passed legislation to restore Medicaid eligibility for COFA migrants, Washington State must ensure that coverage is provided till culturally and linguistically implementation is complete. 


Providing relief to Washington’s undocumented workers

Undocumented Washingtonians who have been excluded from existing unemployment benefits and federal stimulus packages have been hit especially hard during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether through a temporary emergency program that expands unemployment eligibility or more expansive funding through the Washington Immigrant Relief fund, all workers deserve relief regardless of immigration status.  


Enacting a Recovery Rebate, an updated version of the Working Families Tax Credit

A Recovery Rebate would put cash back into the pockets of people with low incomes, including immigrant workers who have unjustly been excluded from other federal tax benefits. A cash stimulus targeted to households with low incomes would also ensure benefits are directed to those households most harmed by Washington’s regressive tax code. 

In addition, to our legislative priorities, APIC has always uplifted the need for investment in our community through capital projects. This year, we are asking for support on the following capital projects: 


Asia Pacific Cultural Center

United Communities of Laos Cultural Center


We will update this site later with links to donate.

APIC Policy Priorities

Learn about APIC's stance on immigration reform, LGBTQ+ advocacy, education reform, and COVID-19 measures.

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