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legislative bill tracker

The 2022 legislative session is over!  Any bill not passed this year, will have to be reintroduced in the next session (2023) and will have new bill numbers.

APIC Priority Bills/Policies
Health Equity for Immigrants

$12.131 million was allocated in the supplemental budget to launch health coverage programs for all Washingtonians (regardless of their immigration status) starting in 2024

Unemployment Benefits for Undocumented Immigrants

Did not pass:

Challenges—political will, employer contributions, interaction with federal prohibitions, concerns with Employment Security Department

Successes—narrative change, robust policy with engagement from agencies 

Funding for Affordable Housing

$708.4 million invested in permanent solutions to homeleness and affordable housing issues in our community (the most ever)

Funding for the International Families Justice Coalition (IFJC)

Asked for $150,000. Senator Hasegawa submitted a budget proviso on the Senate side, but funding was not included in either the House or Senate budget. The reasons for this are not clear and we are working to get answers. 

State Funding for Refugee Resettlement

$20 million allocated for the resettlement of Afghan refugees and $20 million allocated for the resettlement of Ukrainian refugees. 

Prison Privacy and Trans Justice

ESHB 1956 passed and was signed by Gov. Inslee on March 31

Language Access

HB 1153 passed and was signed by Gov. Inslee on March 10. If you'd like to help with the implementation process reach out to Open Doors for Multicultural Families

Voting Justice

SB 5182 Eliminating Advisory Votes: Did not pass

SB 5636 Secure Automatic Voter Registration: Did not pass, but a budget proviso passed allocating $25,000 for a study to be conducted in the interim 

SB 5597 WA Voting Rights Act Enhancement: Did not pass, but a budget proviso was passed focusing on data collection 

SB 5583 Ending Prison Gerrymandering: Passed

Working Families Tax credit

HB 1888 passed, allocating $10 million in the state budget for community outreach

Abortion Care Access

HB 1851 passed

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